Friday, March 13, 2015

Albertina and Emperor Joseph II (Vienna, Austria)

What would my fast way with the train and interrail ticket across Europe looked like if I had not visited Vienna, the capital city of Austria which is also in my opinion and Europe capital of culture, good classical music, history, sculptures, universities... It is just incredible how many people from the Balkans living in todays Vienna and it is no wonder that I felt almost like in my street while I was walking around the city hearing Serbian language literally everywhere from the metro station to the local caffees.

Albertina and Emperor Joseph II by Igor L.
(Albertina and Emperor Joseph II, Vienna)
Photo taken by Igor L.

Monuments here, monuments there, monuments on every single step! Walking down alone in Austrian capital made me think about all those important persons that now deserved their own statue with places in a different parks, squares and plateaus... To be honest even if I am history lover I really did not know much about Emperor Joseph II (before I looked something more about him on the Wikipedia) and Albertina building behind the monument is actually famous Museum of Graphics with great and interesting collection but this time unfortunately I did not had the opportunity to visit it since it was already closed and I was headed to another places in order to see as much as possible.

Pallas Athene Statue by Igor L.
(Pallas Athene Statue, Vienna)
Photo taken by Igor L.

Next attraction in Vienna that I had a chance to visit was the Austrian national parliament which is specific unique building with a special antique look. Honestly I did not expected those kind of architecture to appear in front of me, since it would be much more logical for this building to be somehow parliament of Greece instead of Austria but obviously the old Greeks had left their style roots in all places. You could say that the imposing appearance of the building itself can leave every tourist with some glorious impression. On the first look people will probably notice Pallas Athene Statue which standing on that spot from a far away 1902 year while parliament was build in 1883.

Column of Plague in Vienna by Igor L.
(Column of Plague, Vienna)
Photo taken by Igor L.

Like any major capital, Vienna also has many stores that are widely open for all customers with a deep pockets. Since I'm still not one of them I walking toward St.Peter Cathedral avoiding windows with discounts and in one of the main streets I encounter on this beautiful Column of Plague monument. The great plague in the late 17th century took plenty of victims in Vienna and its surroundings and in the memory of this terrible event Leopold I appointed this monument as a reminder of the citizens tragic fate. The monument looks like just been sculpted yesterday when in the fact it standing there for so many years which is the case with the most of Vienna's cultural heritage.