Monday, March 9, 2015

Bitez Beach at Night (Bodrum, Turkey)

Turkey has a lot of resorts that should be mentioned like Antalya, Marmaris, Kuşadasi, Alanya, Belek but Bodrum is definitely one of the most visited places from the Western tourists and accordingly to that its hotels have put some peppermint prices. Luckily for us Balkan tomato visitors, Bodrum is not only the city center itself but also and all surrounding villages which are providing the same kind of comfort for a reasonable prices and beautiful locations to explore. My accommodation I have found in the village that is just a few kilometers from Bodrum and its called Bitez.

Port With Boats by Igor L.
(Port With Boats, Bodrum)
Photo taken by Igor L.

Before I went to Bitez village with a small Dolmush buses that are quite often operating to a different places in the region, I used whole afternoon in the center of Bodrum viewing some souvenirs, drinking cold lemonade and sitting on the port observing local cruisers with people around. At one point I even had an crazy idea to jump on the Greek island of Kos, which is located right across Bodrum city but when I recount myself about free time I realized that is much better to stay and visit all what I wanted without rushing anywhere. Evening is slowly coming and tired from the long day I sat on the bus which brought me directly in front of the Bitez hotel where I make the late check-in. Somewhere near the hotel I hear music which make me sleep.

Bitez Beach at Night by Igor L.
(Bitez Beach at Night, Bodrum)
Photo taken by Igor L.

Bitez is one of those cool places that you should visit if you are regular kind of person which likes normal family vacations with a couple of spots for going out like beach bars, playground for children, supermarkets and many other shops. Of course everything that you need is located next to the coast which will instill your desire for swimming and collecting small sea stones on the beach. That night I watched free performances of national Turkish dance from Ankara that was held in front of the villa which caused admiration of present people with a huge applause. I took photo of Bitez from the distance after a half-hour walk on the other side of village which at night looks so amazing!

Stone Tower-Wall in Bodrum by Igor L.
(Stone Tower-Wall, Bodrum)
Photo taken by Igor L.

The next two days were reserved exclusively for Bodrum and therefore I came to visit important Bodrum Kalesi fortress which hides a veritable treasury of the sailing history. I especially liked part of the Egyptian ships and amphorae but also and cannons that stood outside of the fortress as they were used just yesterday. Before the sunset I went up to a nearby hill and on the top of it I had noticed some burned, half destroyed windmills in a very poor condition. What a pity for such a great location, but anyway view on the whole Bodrum city was a simply perfect and while I was returning back I meet some hippies who are backpacking all around the world and you can guess, they were Australians. It remained only to buy postcards and enjoy in the evening while the sea broke up in the glare of the night lamps.