Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Carl's Bridge in Autumn (Prague, Czech Republic)

People do not call Prague the golden city without any good reason. Streets of this old historically important place simply can not leave anyone disinterested or without some emotions. In addition to topic, the whole Czech Republic (today called Czechia from lazy hipsters) is simply full of beautiful and small towns which takes you back in some good (or bad) old medieval times but only Prague among the others have that unique specific flavor in the air and of course the best beer pubs in the whole world which can only eventually be compared with those from Belgium.
Carl's Bridge in Autumn by Igor L.
(Carl's Bridge in Autumn, Prague)
Photo taken by Igor L.

It was the late autumn when I visited this fun artistic capital on my Euro fast train journey (trains were hell slow, but the journey itself was super fast) and of course I could not avoid taking a picture of the famous Carl's Bridge as one of his trademarks as you can see from the above example. Since it was the only attraction which I had planned to see on that day because I was very tired from the whole trip, I spent the rest of my time watching fascinating artists who were on the bridge and around him drawing portraits, landscapes and performing many various tricks. I decided to grab Kozel beer and leave my Prague research for tomorrow when I will be fresher then now.

Saint Vitus Cathedral by Igor L.
(Saint Vitus Cathedral, Prague)
Photo taken by Igor L.

The next morning, I already knew my new path that will led me back across the Carl's Bridge after a hot breakfast. If you have already come to Prague then except drinking a good beer, visiting places like Saint Vitus Cathedral and Old Town Square is simply the must! On the very first look I was fascinated by Carl's Bridge and its statues on sides around which tourists are gathering and making photos but after I stood there for almost half an hour watching the hill in front of me and on its top the large Cathedral, I could not resist to take some picture of it and by myself. It's time to move on and to check in person what is going on at the top of the hill and why Saint Vitus Cathedral is appointed among the most beautiful ones in Europe.

Saint George Basilica by Igor L.
(Saint George Basilica, Prague)
Photo taken by Igor L.

Besides the famouse St.Vitus Cathedral, which is without a doubt the true medieval artistic masterpiece and somehow today's symbol of the Prague city, on the top of the hill waited for me and more surprises like : Obelisk, Old Royal Palace, Golden Gate, Empress Maria Theresa Entrance and what particularly attracted my all attention was St.George Basilica that is inside actually very small but also very unusual lined with a stone blocks and peaceful atmosphere.