Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Holy Ghost Cathedral (Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic)

Hradec Kralove is a very small town in Czech Republic but its architecture style can be easily compared to some much larger cities. Everything here is somehow vintage, full of interesting monument details, interwoven with cobblestones and I heard that in the past Hradec Kralove was famous for its own manufactured production of pianos. The main square takes large area and most of the stuffs that you need are located there, while the whole town is made by the system of circle roads. Reason for my visit to this place was the Hip-Hop Camp festival which was held in abandoned military aircraft hangar, wide field zone right next to the town.

Holy Ghost Cathedral by Igor L.
(Holy Ghost Cathedral, Hradec Kralove)
Photo taken by Igor L.

Construction which definitely dominates among those super colorful facades on the central town square is Holy Ghost cathedral with a large time clock mounted on its tower and faded red-brown bricks combination in a Baroque style. In front of Holy Ghost cathedral is probably located the most beautiful Hradec street called Karla Tomana and even if I was not able to go inside of church since it was closed, I can probably say that this building played some important role in the town history (since it dates back all the way to 15th century and Pope Alexander VII blessed cathedral). After buying of festival tickets we went back to our hotel which was near by to prepare for tonight's show & concert.

Over the Bridge in Hradec by Igor L.
(Over the Bridge, Hradec Kralove)
Photo taken by Igor L.

Hradec Kralove is separated with the river Elbe on old and new part, which is admittedly very small during the summer season so it's more look like an sizable channel instead of a river. Crossing over the Pražský Most bridge, which is by the way also short, its like a moving from one age trough the another. We already passed by several schools, shops, universities, markets, posts and banks that are located on the new side of the Hradec Kralove where we can recognize direct influences from the communist time plans urbanization, filled of block buildings. Although probably young people in this town are sometimes bored due to lack of content which for example they can find in capital city of Prague, I still think that Hradec deserves better rate!