Saturday, March 14, 2015

Ship From the Past (Funchal, Portugal)

Lonely island which is far away from the eyes of everyday life, tropical oasis located in the middle of nowhere full of sweet fruit trees that you've never heard of, where the climate is mild throughout the whole year, not too hot nor too cold. Sounds like a fairy tale island that is actually not real, however those kind of islands still exists and we can easily say that Madeira is one of them. Capital town and important port of this Portuguese colonial island is Funchal (by the way not such a large place as it seems) with a beautiful coffee-bar area, palms, marina and rocky beaches. With a cheap flight from Lisbon to the very small Madeira airport we headed directly with a bus to the place about we know literally nothing and now we are enthralled with the tropical flowers and ocean everywhere around us.

Botanical Garden and Funchal by Igor L.
(Botanical Garden and Funchal, Madeira)
Photo taken by Igor L.

Perhaps the beginning of our travel seemed unrealistically good but last night quickly taught us that even paradise islands have their own disadvantages. After the long night that we spent fighting with mosquitoes, we went out in the main Funchal street next morning for breakfast and on our faces you can now obviously see lack of sleeping. Soon we were brighten with colorful area and fruit aromas, while next to us passed guy with a parrot on his shoulder. That day we used to visit nice local market filled with spices, vegetables, exotic fruits, visiting various places by the ocean and of course checking out fantastic Botanic Garden.

Ship From the Past at Madeira by Igor L.
(Ship From the Past, Funchal)
Photo taken by Igor L.

Except an exclusive look down the Funchal town which we have from the Botanic Garden, this park is also unique for its weird looking rare natural plant species that you will probably not find almost anywhere else in the world. In addition to flowers, trees and all kinds of greenery there are also and some birds such as parrots + even one extra large turtle! Day after, we were filled with positive energy and finally went to swim in not so clear water on the Funchal beach which on that time was under renovation. Ship from the past like a ghost just passed next to us so I try not to waste any moment, somehow I managed to get out of water and took picture to memory this unique scene.

Igreja de São João Evangelista by Igor L.
(Igreja de São João Evangelista, Funchal)
Photo taken by Igor L.

Funchal is extremely settled town, and as I walked among the streets with a small squares I felt like it was built only yesterday and left behind to the Portuguese people so that they can use it from the very beginning of time. This is also the case with all the plateaus, markets, buildings or even churches which are here especially beautiful while inside of them you can stand and feel some hidden island energy of peace. The church from Funchal that I would like to mention is São João Evangelista which looks very simple but captivating and unusually decorated from the inside. I stayed there for a very short time and the next day we were already moving to the other side of the island...