Tuesday, March 24, 2015

View on Lycabettus (Athens, Greece)

Athens is a huge city where in the summertime all around the streets you can find only a big chaos connected with a heat from the Sun above. Those Greeks which still not gone anywhere at the country sea side to swim or islands where they can rest and have business in tourism are forced to living in this almost impossible hot weather conditions. I was especially surprised by the number of scooters and motorcycles on the Athens streets who had no respect at all for the basic traffic light rules so it's better to be careful while you crossing the road. Since I have a lot of Greek friends it was not so hard for me to adapt on this temperature situation and enjoy in Athens to the maximum.

View on Lycabettus by Igor L.
(View on Lycabettus, Athens)
Photo taken by Igor L.

Before any hike adventures we first sat in nearby cafe for a little refreshment brake where we ordered classical cold Frappe. To be fully honest Frappe was a bit more expensive but without a doubt the best one I have ever tried in my life so I forgive them price and we were now absolutely ready for climbing all the way to the Acropolis. When we were somewhere very near to the top I took this beautiful photo of Lycabettus mountain and its surrounding which was standing straight in front of us. Unfortunately Acropolis museum at the top of the hill on that time was closed due to general reconstruction works but it's all worth it by seeing the Athens from some totally different angle.

Greek Parliament Building by Igor L.
(Greek Parliament Building, Athens)
Photo taken by Igor L.

After we went to all major sights of Athens on the next step I was going just by myself directly to the famous Greek (Hellenic) Parliament, which is very well known for its numerous protests in front of it (that by the way did not miss out even on a day when I was passing by). Since it was very sunny and warm, for me was very hard to look at the things which are glowing all around the place but I was able to stand outside of the Parliament for a couple of minutes and watch guard march. It turned out to be an really interesting building which roots dates back from the 19th century, full of history and different coups like a whole Greek history anyway. Just across the street there is the city's main Syntagma Square where I went right after taking this nice photography of the Parliament.

House With Greece Flag by Igor L.
(House With Greece Flag, Athens)
Photo taken by Igor L.

Architecture in Athens and all over the Greece in general deserves a special attention and when I say that I do not only mean on the well known UNESCO sites from the time of ancient Greece but also and on the buildings in the local villages which are ignorantly underestimated. I especially liked the old Greek houses at the sea side and islands which are mostly small, colored with white, some stripes of blue color and in certain places you can still see that people living on their traditional way of life inherited from the past. House in Athens often have some symbol of Greece like this one with the Greece flag on the picture which I discovered somewhere close to the Acropolis.