Saturday, April 18, 2015

Cavalry of Republican Guard (Paris, France)

The main plot takes place in the Paris Métro, where for the first time in France I'm trying to make a sense of all the signs and symbols of the lines leading to who knows which way... Except that everything on written in French, but the worst of all is that my phone battery died and from all the guidelines I had, I remained only with a peace of paper with the address of my friend written on it. After trying trying to communicate with some people who I meet on the station, one girl heard my question and with a smile told me that she lives just in the street next to the one I needed and that she will bring me there since she anyway going back! Desperate situation has now become pure luck, and thanks her I came without a problems to the house where my friend lived in Paris city center.

Cavalry of Republican Guard by Igor L.
(Cavalry of Republican Guard, Paris)
Photo taken by Igor L.

The next day I was rested and ready for a tour in the most important parts of the city with a possible stop for coup of a coffee. On the busy streets of Paris that day ruled some specially good atmosphere and I was not exactly sure what was happening on that time, but I presumed that this is probably some very important French national holiday. Suddenly from the middle of nowhere, from the opposite street side appeared Cavalry of Republican Guard and the local public greeted them with a huge applause before they started to perform military marches. Sound of trumpets really seemed unbelievable and every tone was on its place which just show how many practice those people needed to have to be able in making performances without mistake.

Eiffel Tower With the Clouds by Igor L.
(Eiffel Tower With the Clouds, Paris)
Photo taken by Igor L.

Eiffel Tower is without any doubt the main symbol of Paris and France. I had some more extra time after I watched performances of the Republican Guard to go around the city center and to see all of those amazing things like Louvre, Cathédrale Notre-Dame, Sainte Chapelle, Sorbonne and many others but on the very first place for me was of course the Eiffel Tower. It was really cloudy situation and windy day so I waited for the perfect moment and took the best photography which I can get. Around Eiffel Tower, there were many different people sitting on the grass, selling toys, souvenirs, rings, taking selfies and of course some lovely couples which enjoyed in their romantic walk.

Bridge of Alexandre III in Paris by Igor L.
(Bridge of Alexandre III, Paris)
Photo taken by Igor L.
Bridges over river Seine are surely just one more thing that I was particularly interested to check while I was already located in Paris since each of them bears the name of another ruler but also each of them is unique on its own artistic way. Bridge which I will especially like to mention here is the bridge of Alexandre III right across the Grand Palais dominated by four bronze/golden "Fames" statues that appearing totally bizarre while you passing by them. Perhaps even the Churchill's statue found a good place for itself in this weird sculpture and abstract art area. Among the other bridges I also liked and Pont Royal because of his simplicity and maybe Pont des Arts that is stacked with a tons of a funny different love padlocks...